Katameya Heights Is Possibly The Best Place To Live In Egypt 2017


Buying a suitable apartment can be a tasking and daunting process. The buyer usually has set specifications and expectations on the property to acquire. The biggest challenge is matching the tastes and preferences with the actual building. Egypt is known for its high-end properties especially in Katameya. Apartments for sale in Katameya have modernized facilities that suit the smart buyer. These structures exhibit the essential features below.


· High levels of security

Katameya has relatively low levels of crime which make it a safe place for residents. Security agents are available to enforce law and order. Alarms are usually responded to immediately since security firms located in the vicinity are always alert. Since most apartments have a state of the art security system, cases of break-ins are rare.


· Availability of adequate amenities

There is an adequate presence of modernized malls, gyms, supermarkets, and schools near these properties. High quality health facilities in the area assure residents of proficient medical services. It enhances convenience to the dwellers when carrying out their daily activities. Roads surrounding the apartments get well maintained. It is to ease movements by the residents via public transport or private means.


· Proper planning of structures

There is a distinct zoning which separates high rise apartments from the bungalows. The amenities are properly located in the area leaving room for future developments. There are clear demarcations which assist potential buyers in assessing the correct sizes of the property.


· Rental Income

In case a customer wishes to rent out the property, the prices are profitable. It will assist them in recovering their mortgage payments in cases where lending institutions finance one. It also makes the area preferable to investors who wish to acquire many apartments at a time.


· Varied architecture

Katameya gets associated with buildings that have diverse designs. It makes the structures attractive giving the buyer ample options to choose. If a purchaser wishes to rent the property, chances of attracting tenants get increased. In return, this reduces the vacancy levels of the apartments hence higher income realized.


· Good Landscape

Katameya is a relatively level grounded area. The structures get built on a flat ground which reduces chances of landslides, mudslides or floods affecting your buildings. It is important since these natural calamities can influence the stability of structures. It can also lead to significant financial losses in cases where a building collapses.


· Fair prices

Bearing in mind the quality that these properties have, the average buying prices are reasonable. Buyers can get value for their money. Sellers also offer customers customized payment plans to ease the buying process. State of the art enthusiasts should consider acquiring properties in this area due to their high artistic levels.



Apartments for sale in Katameya are designed to meet the specifications of the clientele. They get built in a creative manner that enhances their elegance. Acquiring a property in Katameya is a wise investment idea whether for rental or personal habitation. The area has an appropriate ambiance that makes dwellers admire its beautiful surroundings.