A Look At The Some Of the Best Digital Pianos In 2018

Searching for a digital piano can be quite daunting; after all, you do not want to get a piano that exceeds your needs or one that does not replicate an experience as good as playing a traditional acoustic piano. There are many sites like ragamuffinmusic.com/best-digital-piano-for-under-500 that can help you to find the top digital keyboards of 2018 and several features that every piano player should look for in a digital piano when shopping for one if they want to get something that will serve their needs. Some of these features include:
– Number of keys
– Sound quality
– Weighted keys
– Key action
– Dampening/sustain pedals
– Simultaneous notes
– External/built-in amplification


When looking for a digital piano, consider the quality of each of these features as they will determine how sound the investment you make will be in the long run. To expedite things for you, we will be looking at some of the best digital pianos currently on the market, and which we believe will suit your player preferences, musical needs, and budget.

The 76-Key Yamaha YPG-235 Grand Piano

Yamaha is, without a suspicion, one of the most distinguished producers of top-grade musical instruments. Their attention to quality and details is evident in all their products. Considering this, it goes without saying that the Yamaha YPG-235 is a powerful digital piano that any piano player will fall in love with. The YPG-235 has 76 keys and comes with Soft Touch Technology that offers varied expressions. It also features inbuilt recording, a USB port for computer syncing, and comes loaded with 30 songs, 160 styles, and 500 different voices.

The YPG-235 is one of the best portable grand pianos in the market regarding ease of use and action. Its tone natural and full and its response is pretty much like that of a standard grand or upright piano. However, it is worth noting that it does not comes with a sustain pedal, bench, external AC power supply or stand. All of these items have to be bought separately.

The 88-key Alesis Recital Digital Piano

As a digital piano maker, Alesis has a longstanding reputation for creating quality, compact and well-designed packages. The maker’s Recital series is a great digital piano that is good for both longtime players and students looking for a dependable practice piano. The piano features an 88-key full-sized keyboard; the keys are semi-weighted for varied expressions.

The piano’s modes include lesson, layer, split, and standard with 128-note simultaneous polyphony. Its key action is good considering its price point. The Alesis Recital’s 88-key full-size keyboard makes it an ideal piano for people looking to develop their skill without having to use small keyboards. This piano has an excellent sound sample and beautifully recreates the sounds grand and upright pianos make. While it comes with a music stand-in-the-box and a power supply, it doesn’t come with a bench, stand, or sustain pedal. Considering that these are items you will need to make the most of your playing, you will have to purchase each one, something that could considerably spike the cost of purchase.

The 88-Key Williams Legato Digital Piano

And while Williams is considered more of a budget manufacturer, the surprising thing is that their products are amazingly good considering their features vs. cost ratio. The Legato is an 88-key, full-size keyboard piano with inbuilt speakers, a mono/stereo line-out jack, MIDI and USB connections, and five voices. While this piano’s playability and action probably aren’t anywhere near Alesis and Yamaha standards, it reproduces the playing experience of acoustic pianos quite well.

It is worth noting that the Legato offers more recording out options than most digital keyboards in the market, making it an fitting option not only for new players but also for anyone looking for a studio piano for recording sessions. However, it is worth noting that it comes with almost no accessories at all and its speaks aren’t that good for such a product. If you want a sustain pedal, stand, or power supply, you’ll have to purchase each item separately.

Other reliable options to consider include:
– Kawai ES100
– Yamaha DGX-660
– Casio Privia PX-160

When shopping for a digital piano, go for something that will meet your specific needs and requirements. Therefore, take the time to consider keyboard size, key weighting, quality of sound, and accessories offered amongst other things. Another important thing to think of is the price of each of the options you are considering to get something that is not only within your budget but which is also dependable.  For a more in-depth review go to http://ragamuffinmusic.com and see what they have to say.