Welcome to Kestrel’s Aerie. My real name is Stephanie, but I’ve been using the “Kestrel” moniker online for well over a decade. My husband and I live in Rapid City, South Dakota, and we own a vacation home in Los Osos, California.

I’m a retired Air Force major, with degrees in psychology (UCLA ’74) and business administration (Missouri ’78). When my last employer made the decision in April 2008 to include my position in its latest cost-cutting move, my husband and I agreed I could be “mostly retired.” We have three grown sons, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and the most beautiful granddaughter in the world. Now, we’ll get to enjoy them more than ever!

Although this blog started as a chronicle of my adventures in World of Warcraft, since 2009 I’ve focused more on the personal, especially with my passion for grammar and my newfound excitement for writing and copyediting.

I was once asked my qualifications to write about writing, especially grammar and punctuation. The best answer I can give is that my knowledge is based on over a half-century of learning and application. I do a lot of research, I use a lot of tools, and I don’t make up rules. Twenty years in the Air Force and another fourteen years in business, both in government and in the private sector (including almost five years working at a newspaper, albeit in human resources), have given me a lot of insight into how to write well, and how to write clearly and concisely. I’m not a prescriptivist, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a time and place for prescriptivism.

I’m a veteran MMORPGer—my roots are in the Shadow of Yserbius (ImagiNation Network, formerly The Sierra Network), WorldsAway (beta tester) on CompuServe, up through Empiriana, The 4th Coming (beta tester), Asheron’s Call (beta tester, Advocate), EverQuest, Asheron’s Call 2 (beta tester), Horizons (beta tester), EverQuest II, and World of Warcraft (beta tester).

I was also the CompuServe SysAdmin for the WorldsAway forum when it was owned by Fujitsu Entertainment. Subsequently, I was a moderator onAC2HQ.com, the premier independent Asheron’s Call 2 fan site. I moved from there to moderating the Horizons Forums on the Vault Network, then moved to the Wintersebb (Asheron’s Call) forum there. I was promoted to manager, then senior manager, of the Vault forums, before leaving VN at the end of January 2007.

Currently, I play World of Warcraft on the Kul Tiras (A) realm, where I’m an officer in a progression-0riented casual guild. I’m what you might call a “dedicated” player.